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Ellie, speaker and coach, is leaning on arm wearing red top and black blazer

Speaking and Coaching to Help You


Change and growth means taking a different approach and a road less traveled. But that road doesn't have to be dark and scary.


What if it was supportive, exhilarating...and fun? 

Ellie, speaker and coach, is talking to a crowd wearing a white blazer

Professional Speaking

Have you ever sat in an audience and wished for your time back? I have. This is why I take a different approach. Instead, I challenge my audience to take action, seek new perspectives, build accountability, and escape comfort zones.


My style is professional yet relatable, backed by studies and statistics, with a sprinkle of humor and sass—I am a red head after all. 

Ellie, speaker and coach, is sitting with laptop wearing red top and black blazer

Executive Coaching + Planning

With over two decades of experience working with executive professionals across the country, I have learned a great deal and gained unique perspective from those that I have had the privilege of working with.


I'll meet you where you are now, unpack your goals and aspirations, and build a plan with actionable steps—while having fun along the way! 

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"A ship is always safe at the shore, but that is not what it was built for."

Albert Einstein

Hey, I'm Ellie!

I am a corporate executive. I am an administrative assistant to my 13-year-old son’s kidprenuer business. I am a public elected servant at the state and local level. I am a volunteer. I am a speaker for groups 10 small to thousands large. I am a mentor. I am an executive coach. I am always seeking to explore things outside my comfort zone. 


And I am a work in progress—just like you!


I'd love to meet you where you are in life and walk along side you in your personal and professional journey to help you tap into all that goodness and potential locked up inside you.

I am not your typical coach or speaker, because life is not typical. It is meant to be explored, expanded and enjoyed—because you know you're unique and you were made for more! 

Ellie, a coach and speaker, sitting on chair smiling with polka dot dress and pearls

What Others Are Saying

"Ellie naturally relates and interacts with customers to identify their pain points and partner on shared priorities. She modeled to help me learn." - Kate Y.
Ellie is stepping into her potential with red and black heels

Step Into Your Highest Potential

Let's challenge the status quo, together. Consider me your professional cheerleader, journey guide and confidant helping you uncover what I know you are truly capable of achieving.

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